Our residential projects house 58 people and on average we have 20-30 people every day at the St Clare's Community Hub. The provision of this service as well as the up keep of our properties, costs in excess of £2.4 million annually. If you can help in any way, any financial contributions would be very gratefully received.


Today Worthing Churches Homeless Projects helps over 1,000 people each year providing a range of services including a Community Hub and 4 Accommodation Projects. Any one night there are up to 58 people in our accommodation services. We work with them on a one to one basis to enable them to live independently once again.


We organise, run and take part in a variety of fundraising events throughout the year ranging from musical dinner evenings to skydiving. Our aim is to cater for all tastes so hopefully you will find something that appeals to you.

Getting Help

If you are experiencing or in danger of becoming homeless visit St Clare’s Community Hub, 6-8 Marine Place, Worthing, West Sussex, BN11 3DN. Opening times are 9am to 12pm Weekdays and 9am to 11am Saturdays. Telephone 01903 680740.

Map of St Clare's

The winter night shelter in Worthing will be running from:
13th November 2017 to 18th March 2018
See here for where you can be referred.
And here for a list of venues.

Please note the winter night shelter is not run by WCHP, for further information please contact Storm Ministries on 07810522307.

How do we say or do enough to show the unconditional gratitude to WCHP, there aren’t enough thank you’s in the world. WCHP changes my life and my attitude to life. I started my journey at St Clare’s (read more) WCHP changes my life and my attitude to life.

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A word from our Chief Executive – Spring 2018

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A Monthly Treat from Local Indian Restaurant

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The Growing Support of WCHP’s Volunteers

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